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Center for Breast Restoration

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Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel

Board certified breast reconstruction surgeon and the Director and Founder of the Center for Breast Restoration at the Institute for Reconstructive Surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas.

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Breast Restoration

Our goal is to provide advanced breast restoration procedures in a caring and supportive environment, which allows each woman to complete successful rehabilitation from breast cancer and other breast related problems.

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Pink Sisters

The Support Group

A support group made up of women just like yourself who have gone through what you may be experiencing.

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While we offer all types of breast reconstruction options, we specialize in the newest techniques including the DIEP, SIEA and SGAP flaps.

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"We proudly salute all the beautiful ladies on this website who are Dr. Spiegel’s real patients!"

New Patients

Are you a New Patient looking for a Reconstruction Surgeon for Breast Reconstruction, Breast Enhancement, or Breast Correction? Dr. Aldona Spiegel can help guide you to the best solution for your personal needs. Start your Journey here today.

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Existing Patients

Are you an Existing Patients already set for your Breast Reconstruction, Breast Enhancement, or Breast Correction procedure but want more information? We have Educational Materials to guide you through the steps, answer questions, as well as articles, news, & research. Continue your Journey here.

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Support Group

Are you one of our Pink Sisters Support Group Members or looking to become one? We have information on “paying it forward” to new patients and giving back to the community. You can also be matched with other patients for more personal support. Help Mentor someone else’s Breast Reconstruction Journey here.

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Address: Institute for
Reconstructive Surgery
6560 Fannin, #2200
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713-441-6102
Toll Free: 877-7BREAST

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